Accounting services to individuals

The specialists of «ACTIV CONSULTING GROUP» carry out:

  • accounting support of the individual entrepreneurs
  • restoration of accounting for individuals
  • formulation of accounting for individuals
  • advice for entrepreneurs
  • online accounting

For the competent bookkeeping an individual entrepreneur (hereinafter — the entrepreneur) requires knowledge, time and a lot of effort — reading laws and codes, filling declarations and communication with the tax authorities.

If the entrepreneur has no employees and business does not take much time, independent accounting is justified. But if he has employees, his business expands, the accounting and reporting is desirable to transfer to specialized accounting company.

The company «ACTIV CONSULTING GROUP» provides accounting services to the individual entrepreneurs. Whether you need one-time services or restoration of financial statements, you can always count on qualified professionals of our company.

Qualified accounting support will help:

  • to avoid mistakes of the entrepreneurs beginners;
  • to minimize risks of the working entrepreneurs;
  • to reduce the financial costs of maintaining accounting (equipment, supplies, salaries, etc.);
  • to release personal time of the entrepreneur which will allow focusing on administrative tasks;
  • to get a liability guarantee at the conclusion of the accounting services contract;
  • to keep a trade secret, because our company guarantees confidentiality.

Rules of attendance of an entrepreneur by our company include:

  • one-time provision by an entrepreneur of the registration documents (if necessary — other accounting documents);
  • transfer by the entrepreneur of the primary documents, including statements of accounts in accordance with the schedule of documents (commonly electronic document flow is used);
  • quality control of documentation. Our specialists review the documentation on availability, accuracy, compliance with the law;
  • correctness of deficiencies in the documents, provision of information on the missing documents and documents that need to be changed;
  • processing of the primary documents (when keeping 1C and processing of primary documents in the database);
  • if necessary registration and de-registration of workers, help in changing the tax system;
  • payroll accounting, vacation pay and payments for medical certificates and other compensation under applicable law twice a month;
  • tax accounting of VAT (if an entrepreneur is registered as a VAT payer);
  • preconditioning reporting and reconciliation of the results with an entrepreneur;
  • provision of our specialists with electronic reporting to regulatory authorities. To transfer data is used a secure document flow using a digital signature, thus preserving the completeness of the information and protect against unauthorized access by unauthorized persons;
  • provision of payment orders for taxes, salaries, specifying the terms of payment;
  • filling of an entrepreneur’s book;
  • representation of the interests of an entrepreneur in controlling bodies by the qualified specialist of our company on the basis of power of attorney;
  • transfer of the primary documents, tax returns for the quarter or year;
  • preparation of documentation for checking and participation in inspections by government authorities;

At each stage of our service, our specialists provide professional advice on accounting and tax accounting.