Accounting services for legal entities

The specialists of «ACTIV CONSULTING GROUP» carry out:

  • Accounting support of the enterprises
  • Renewal of the accounting of the enterprise
  • Formulation of accounting at the enterprise
  • Internal accounting at the enterprise
  • Tax planning for legal entities
  • Other accounting services
  • Online accounting

The services of accounting and tax accounting our company provides on the subscription basis or one-time upon written request.

Accounting services of the enterprise include:

  • checking of the display of transferred to us documents in accounting
  • passage of documents
  • checking of the accumulated data of tax accounting data for tax purposes in 1C and displaying of the tax results in reports prepared
  • coordination of tax results for the reporting period with the authorized person of the Customer
  • submission of reports (range of services includes preparation of financial reports (balance sheet, report on financial results of others that are defined as part of the financial reports)

When conducting the financial and tax accounting of the entreprises, two main variants of cooperation are offered:

  1. Full accounting of the enterprise

The specialists of the company «ACTIV CONSULTING GROUP» carry out in full the accounting and tax accounting of your enterprise. In this form of cooperation we completely take over the internal accounting of your enterprise.

The interaction of the parties is made in agreement – by the courier, fax, mail, e-mail. Our company acts as the sole accountant and does all the accounting work.

  1. Accounting as a chief accountant

In this form of cooperation, the company «ACTIV CONSULTING GROUP» assumes functions of preparation and submission of reports, tax optimization, control and management of accounting. In this form of cooperation, your company only makes and keeps only primary documentation.

Functions of the company «ACTIV CONSULTING GROUP» as chief accountant:

  • Organization of accounting of financial and economic activity and control of material, financial and human resources;
  • Formation of accounting policy, output of the characteristics of the customer’s activity in accordance with the law;
  • Monitoring of compliance with the order of the primary documents;
  • Monitoring of accounting accuracy of business transactions;
  • Analysis of settlements with debtors/creditors;
  • Preparation of summary registers of accounting and tax accounting;
  • Accounting close;
  • Ensuring compliance with financial and cash discipline;
  • Preparation of financial and tax reporting, filing it in the prescribed manner to the supervisory authorities;