Audit is an examination of accounting data and indicators of the financial statements of an entity in order to express an independent opinion of the auditor  on its reliability in all material respects and compliance with the laws of Ukraine and regulations (standards) of accounting and other rules (internal regulations of business entities).

The reasons for which audit is necessary:

1) the requirement of investors or partners of a legal entity who want to verify the integrity of the enterprise, as a taxpayer, or wish to evaluate the prospects of a future agreement at the purchase/sale of the company;

2) change of management, chief accountants or business owner. Audit analysis will accurately assess the status of the company and its financial position now and take effective decisions on further management;

3) audit initiated by the head of the company. This audit allows to detect errors, inaccuracies in accounting, tax accounting of the enterprise timely, and thus in advance to make the necessary corrections. In this case, the audit will reduce the economic, fiscal and financial risks. Therefore, there will be the possibility to avoid the appropriate sanctions in the form of fines.

With the help of LLC «ACTIV CONSULTING GROUP» the auditors will conduct the inspection for any period of the work of the enterprise, promptly provide the audit report with the objective assessment of the reliability of financial reporting and the recommendations to eliminate violations.