Our company is ready to offer a full range of customs clearance, provide professional advice to prepare documentation.

An integrated approach allows us to see our clients not just as the customers of the service. We seek to build long-term and stable partnership based on transparency.

LLC «ACTIV CONSULTING GROUP» provides services for customs clearance in the following areas:

  • registration of foreign economic activity in customs;
  • advice on customs clearance, definition of UKTZED codes, tariff and non-tariff regulation;
  • customs clearance of foreign cargoes of legal entities and individuals;
  • preliminary calculation of customs duties and charges;
  • preparation of all necessary documents for customs declaration;
  • passing the necessary controls needed for customs clearance;
  • representation of interests of the customs authorities;
  • declaration of vehicles of the citizens;
  • other services related to foreign economic activities of individuals and legal entities.

Basic principles of work with the clients — friendliness, individual approach to the client.

Support of customs clearance by LLC «ACTIV CONSULTING GROUP» with minimal financial outlay will become a reality. Our guarantee is our reputation.

Focusing on the needs of our clients, we guarantee the reasonable price approach to calculating the cost of customs services.