Fundraising is the process of raising funds and other resources (human, material, informational, etc.) that the organization can not provide on its own and which are necessary for the implementation of a specific project or its activities as a whole.

Recently, more and more organizations and individuals in Ukraine are faced with the need to write applications for grants. The implementation of new ideas requires means. For the Western experts it is a common procedure — funds announces competitions, winners receive grants. However, for the experts from Ukraine and other countries the problem of applying for such competition of ideas and projects became relevant much later than their foreign counterparts.

LLC «ACTIV CONSULTING GROUP» in carrying out of fundraising will help you to find the resources (people, equipment, information, time, money, etc.) for the implementation of projects to support the organization's existence.

The main tasks in the process of fundraising are:

  • search for potential donors;
  • justification of needs of the organization in accordance with the interests of potential donors and the level of their understanding of our problems;
  • constant work with potential donors (formation, support and development of relations);
  • formation of public opinion in favor of the activities of organization or team, collection of the support letters, purchasing of authority.