Investments are all kinds of values that are invested directly in business and other ventures for profit (income). Investments are made in the form of foreign currency, currency values, movable and immovable property (buildings, structures, equipment), stocks, bonds, copyrights, rights to inventions, trademarks, etc., privileged bank deposits, shares, rights to use land, natural resources.

Investing in Ukraine as the country with  high economic potential is one of the most promising forms of profit for the foreign investors, as the efficiency of investments in enterprises- residents of the countries with developing economy is much higher profitable than in the economy of developed countries.

When deciding to invest in Ukraine, the foreign investors must navigate in the new environment, calculate the situation, and make accurate estimation in view of specificity of the current Ukrainian legislation and its differences from the legislation of other countries.

Therefore, to minimize the risks, the foreign investors need consulting support of the specialists, who work in the investing country, know local legislation, aspects of doing business in this country, have practical experience in the investment supporting.

The specialists of «ACTIV CONSULTING GROUP» are ready to offer their professional services to both private and institutional foreign investors interested in investing in Ukraine. This will enable foreign investors to invest as efficiently as possible and minimize the investment risks.

We are also ready to provide comprehensive legal assistance to Ukrainian business entities wishing to attract foreign investments.

In view of the investment activity support of the company, we offer the following services:

  • legal advice on export-import operations, customs laws and exchange control;
  • assistance in negotiations;
  • advising on the procedure for foreign investment;
  • advising of the foreign companies on choosing the optimal structure of economic activity in Ukraine;
  • advising of the foreign investors on the Ukrainian legislation, current business conditions in Ukraine;
  • advising of the foreign companies on corporate, tax, labor legislation of Ukraine;
  • preparation and reviewing of necessary legal documents for compliance with the current legislation of Ukraine;
  • legal support of the investment projects;
  • implementation of measures aimed at compliance with the laws and protection of investments;
  • legal audit of the companies, investees;
  • preparation of all necessary documents for investment activities;
  • representation of interests of the non-residents in respect of state bodies of Ukraine;
  • protection of rights and interests of the foreign investors in the courts of Ukraine.


The specialists of  «ACTIV CONSULTING GROUP» perform full legal support of the investment activity in Ukraine, analysis of the investment activity, protection of rights and interests of the foreign investors.