LLC «ACTIV CONSULTING GROUP» provides assistance in obtaining electronic digital keys for filing reports electronically.

Time is money. Inefficient use of time is losses, which is currently are very costly. By providing reports electronically, we save you time and therefore your money.

As to the validity and legality of electronic digital signature (EDS), it is as legally binding as a handwritten signature and seal on paper.

EDS may be received in one of the Ukrainian accredited centers. Software for filing reports the client chooses independently on his own of a number of special programs offered.

The period of the reports delivery is never easy, especially when you want to enter into agreements, to address organizational issues, but also worry what reports, on which forms and where to apply. This period complicates your business, so we offer to transfer this monotonous job to us. The reports will be properly executed and timely submitted to the relevant regulatory authorities.