Inherent right of every legal entity or individual for judicial protection of disturbed or excited rights, freedoms and legitimate interests in the judiciary, is the basis of law. Judicial protection is carried out in the form of representation in the court, and provides the ability to obtain professional legal assistance of the qualified lawyer, who has the art of litigating.

It is in the court the most difficult and important tasks are resolved. Timeliness of legal aid for representation in the court is very important, because for a competent defense of the interests is necessary to conduct a great legal work prior to representation in the court — from making of a clear position on the case, tactics and strategy of the case, to assess the juridical prospects and to prepare a legally relevant documents. Equally, this applies to the cases of protection from claim.

Protection of the interests in court can be divided into two stages: the first stage — preparation for court consideration, the second stage — direct representation of the interests in the court.

«ACTIV CONSULTING GROUP» represents the interests of the clients in the courts of general and special jurisdiction, including the Supreme Court of Ukraine, Arbitration courts.

Our services also include representation of the interests of the clients in the consideration by the courts of different categories of property and non-property disputes, labor disputes, cases involving consumer protection, inheritance, marriage and family relations, etc., including disputes in specific areas of law: taxes, customs law, intellectual property, banking law and others.

The cost of this service is determined in each case individually