The process of liquidation of the legal entity is a difficult and time-consuming and requires special theoretical and practical knowledge and skills.

LLC «ACTIV KONSULTING GRUP» offers the following services on the liquidation of the business entities:

1) liquidation of a business entity by the decision of the owners;

2) resale of corporate rights (change of company founders and director);

3) maintenance of bankruptcy proceedings (if there is evidence of persistent insolvency).

The bankruptcy of the company or business entity (BE) is a much more complicated procedure than its creation and state registration because legally specified procedure of the bankruptcy of the enterprises in Ukraine by the World Bank is one of the most difficult in the world.

Timely given professional assistance will save time and complete the termination of a legal entity as soon as possible to meet the requirements of current legislation.

The specialists of LLC «ACTIV KONSULTING GRUP» will help to conduct a complete liquidation of the company with its exclusion of the state registry.