Tax dispute is a legal situation, which is based on differences between taxpayers on the one hand, and public authorities and their officials on the other, arising on the correct application of tax law regulations.

Based on the types of social relations can be identified the following classification of the tax disputes:

⦁ disputes arising in the performance of the obligation to pay taxes;

⦁ disputes arising in connection with the realization of the taxpayers of the right to offset (return) the overpaid or over-collected tax amounts, fines;

⦁ disputes arising during the implementation of the measures for the registration of the taxpayers;

⦁ disputes arising in connection with the implementation by the  tax authorities of cameral tax inspection;

⦁ disputes arising in connection with the implementation by the tax authorities of on-site tax inspection;

⦁ disputes over compensation for damages caused by unlawful actions of tax authorities or their officials during the tax control measures;

⦁ disputes arising from the bringing to tax responsibility.

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