Adaptation of enterprises in market conditions against the current economic, political and social crises promotes the adaptation and use of effective approaches to planning.

Planning is the development and adoption of targeted guidelines of quantitative and qualitative nature and determination of the most effective ways of their achievement.

Planning of financial and economic activity of the enterprises allows to link the existing capabilities of the enterprise with the ability to use them, to predict costs, revenues and financial performance. Imperfection of tax legislation against the increasing of tax burden on enterprises – the payers encourage the latter to evade payment of taxes, which is a crime against the state.

However, the use by the enterprises of legal ways to minimize taxes make it possible to withstand financial difficulties. Today the minimization of  taxes is one of the most important tasks of financial management of the enterprise in the context of financial management.

Thus tax optimization is the reduction of the size of tax liability by task-oriented lawful actions of the taxpayer that include full use of all the benefits provided by the legislation, tax exemptions and other legal benefits.

Tax optimization evident in the choice by the taxpayer of the most favorable legal forms of activities in order to calculate the optimal amount of taxes in particular economic conditions in accordance with local requirements.

The legal forms refers to stipulated by the legislation ways of behavior: choice of the legal form of the activity, tax regime, accounting policies, type and conditions of civil contracts, use of incentives. Search for the optimal management decisions aimed at minimizing the obligations on compulsory payments within the law, is a typical area of tax policy of the entity in market conditions

The main difference between tax optimization of evasion and payment of taxes is the use of the taxpayer of the permitted or not prohibited by the legislation ways to reduce the amount of tax payments without violating the law. In this regard, such actions of the taxpayer are not a tax offense or crime, and therefore, do not entail adverse consequences for the taxpayer, such as additional tax and imposition of financial penalties and accrual of interest.

Reduction of the payment of taxes, taking into account the specifics of its activities is the desire of every head of the company, without prejudice to the legal requirements.

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